Daniel Chornet, Saint Louis University, Madrid


The following is a synopsis of an interview (conducted by Todd Sandel) with Daniel in June, 2012, while attending the “Ethnography of Communication: Ways Forward” Conference, in Omaha, Nebraska at Creighton University. To listen to the audio of this interview click here: Daniel Chornet interview (mp3)

  • Where did you receive your degree?

I studied at the University of Iowa and completed my PhD in 2006.

  • What one piece of writing was most inspirational to you as an LSI researcher?

I am interested in anything about Speech Codes Theory. One inspirational piece is by Philipsen and Coutu (2005). (The ethnography of speaking. In Sanders, R. & Fitch, K. L. (Eds.), Handbook of research on language and social interaction (355-379). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.) I enjoy the abstraction of theory, and using theory as a heuristic to study discourse.

  • What question you are currently trying to explore? How?

I’m doing an analysis of terms of address in Spain, speech codes and the use of metacommunication, that is, in general, how Spaniards use terms of address. Findings will be presented at a paper to be delivered in Orlando, NCA 2012.
(To meet Daniel in person, attend his presentation on 11/15 3:30-4:45 pm, Swan, Mockingbird 1 – First Level, sponsored by LSI.)

  • What do you see as future steps for LSI research

I’m thinking about how ethnographic methods can be used to produce assessments that could be used by administrators and educators.