Special Journal Issues

Stokoe, Elizabeth (Ed.) (2012). “Categories and Social Interaction: Current Issues in Membership Categorization.” Discourse Studies, 14(3).

Wagner, Johannes; Monika Vöge, eds. (2010) “Laughter in Interaction. Special Issue in the Honor of Gail Jefferson.” Journal of Pragmatics, Volume 42 Issue 6: pp 1469-1576

  • Monika Vöge, Johannes Wagner, ‘Social Achievements and Sequential Organization of Laughter: Studies in the Honor of Gail Jefferson’, 1469-1473
  • Johannes Wagner, ‘Gail Jefferson 1938-2008′, 1474-1475
  • Gail Jefferson, ‘Sometimes a frog in your throat is just a frog in your throat: Gutturals as (sometimes) laughter-implicative’, 1476-1484
  • Phillip Glenn, ‘Interviewer laughs: Shared laughter and asymmetries in employment in terviews’, 1485-1498
  • Markku Haakana, ‘Laughter and smiling: Notes on co-occurrences’, 1499-1512
  • Elizabeth Holt, ‘The last laugh: Shared laughter and topic termination’, 1513-1525
  • Vassiliki Markaki, Sara Merlino, Lorenza Mondada, Florence Oloff, Laughter in professional meetings: The organization of an emergent ethnic joke’, 1526-1542
  • Jonathan Potter, Alexa Hepburn, ‘Putting aspiration into words: “Laugh particles”, managing descriptive trouble and modulating action’, 1543-1555
  • Monika Vöge, ‘Local identity processes in business meetings displayed through laughter in complaint sequences’, 1556-1576

International Journal of Public Participation, Volume 3, issue 2, 2009 “The Practice of Public Meetings”, edited by James L. Leighter and Laura W. Black

  • “Grouping Processes in a Public Meeting from an Ethnography of Communication and Cultural Discourse Analysis Perspective” by Saskia Witteborn & Leah Sprain
  • “Stories of North Omaha:  Conveying Identities, Values, and Actions through Storytelling in a Public Meeting” by Laura W. Black
  • “What are We Going to “talk about” in this Public “meeting”?:  An Examination of Talk about Communication in the North Omaha Development Project” by James L. Leighter & Theresa Castor
  • “Territory, Identity, and Conflict in a Public Meeting:  A Natural History Approach” by Lynn S. Cockett
  • “Displays of Trust/Mistrust in Public Meetings: “I don’t believe you are going to jack us around!”” by Leslie Jarmon
  • “Meetings that Evolve Interactively:  Viewing a Town Hall Discussion with an LSI Perspective” by Evelyn Plummer

Discourse Processes, Volume 46 Issue 2 & 3 2009 “Projection and Anticipation in Embodied Communication”

  • “Projection and Anticipation: The Forward-Looking Nature of Embodied Communication”; Jurgen Streeck & J. Scott Jordan
  • “Embodied Anticipation: A Neurodevelopmental Interpretation”; Marcel Kinsbourne & J. Scott Jordan
  • “Forward-Looking Aspects of Perception-Action Coupling as a Basis for Embodied Communication”; J. Scott Jordan
  • “Gaze Shift as an Interactional Resource for Very Young Children”; Mardi Kidwell
  • “Forward-Gesturing”; Jurgen Streeck
  • “Projection and Minimalistic Syntax in Interaction”; Peter Auer
  • “Projecting a Reference in Aphasic Talk and Normal Talk”; Ray Wilkinson
  • “Initiating Interactive Turn Spaces in Japanese Conversation: Local Projection and Collaborative Action”; Shimako Iwasaki
  • “Preparing Next Actions in Routine Activities”; Ulrich Dausendschoen-Gay & Ulrich Krafft


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