2016 Outstanding Publication Award for LSI Scholarship Within 5 years (a.k.a., “The Recent Scholarship Award”

This award is presented to the author(s) of an article, chapter, or monograph in the area of language and social interaction published in a recognized scholarly journal, collection of scholarly papers, or series of scholarly monographs. Any member of the LSI Division may nominate a published work; the senior author must be a member of the LSI Division during the year in which the award is made. Selection criteria shall include scholarly merit, contribution to knowledge in language and social interaction, and current impact on the discipline. Studies of an analytical, critical, empirical, philosophical, or theoretical nature are eligible for consideration. Only actually published works will be considered, and the current impact criterion (as well as the other criteria mentioned) will be applied.

To submit a nomination for this award, please include a 1-page letter explaining the significance of the work and the impact it has on our field, and (if available) include a PDF copy of the work along with the complete citation. Direct submissions to LSI Immediate Past Chair, Jay Leighter, leighter@creighton.edu. Deadline for submission is Monday, October 10. Award to be presented at the LSI Business Meeting at the 2016 NCA Conference.