Pedagogical Resources

Thanks for visiting the LSI pedagogy page. This website is intended to be a resource for scholars who teach Language and Social Interaction courses. It is still under construction! Feel free to share your own LSI teaching resources (syllabi, assignments, reading lists, electronic resource and links) or share your perspectives on what still needs to be added. Please email Leah Wingard and Stephen DiDomenico at:

In an attempt to help users differentiate the different types of courses offered here, we have classified courses under the following broad categories according to the types of readings the course uses and the types of topics that the course focuses on. Users should recognize however that courses often fit more than one category.

Discourse Analysis

Discourse in Interaction (Wingard) – Syllabus

Language and Behavior (Dimock) – Syllabus

LSI Methods undergrad (Wingard) – Syllabus

Conversation Analysis

Language, Behavior & Communication (Mandelbaum) – Syllabus

Relationships & Identities (Mandelbaum) – Syllabus

Communication in the Professions (Lawrence) – Syllabus

Studying Social Interaction (Dori-Hacohen) – Syllabus

Ethnography of Communication

Cultural Codes in Communication (Carbaugh) – Syllabus

Communication in Everyday Life (Leeds-Hurwitz) – Syllabus

Topical Courses with LSI Focus

Organizational Discourse (Putnam) – Syllabus

Presentation Techniques (Lawrence) – Syllabus

Talk in the Media (Dori-Hacohen) – Syllabus

Interviewing (DiDomenico) – Syllabus

Interpersonal Communication Theory (DiDomenico) – Syllabus

Lower Division LSI Courses

Discourse and Social Practices (Tracy) – Syllabus

Introduction to LSI (Hallett) – Syllabus

Graduate LSI Courses

Discourse and Social Practices (Tracy) (MA Level) – Syllabus

Discourse Analysis (Tracy) (PhD level) – Syllabus

Communication Culture and Nature (Carbaugh) – Syllabus

Psychology of Language (Baldwin) – Syllabus

LSI Methods (Wingard) – Syllabus

Additional Resources

Books used in LSI Courses

Links to teaching resources on CA-Ethno

LSI Archive (SFSU)

Charles Antaki’s CA tutorial